Multiple local and foreign companies choose SIAD factory to customize its products either by producing or repacking.


Customized production covers the following formulations:


Liquid formulations are manufactured by mixing an oil / or water soluble active ingredient with a carrier to which is added appropriate emulsifying , wetting , spreading and stabilizing agents .

–           Two formulation units:

*          One for insecticides (EC, SC, ULV …) with a capacity of 15 MT/ 8h shift.

*          One for herbicides (EC, SL) with capacity of 15 MT/ 8 h shift.

–           Three bottling lines:

*          Two twin lines for bottling products ranging from 50 cc to 5 liters in HDPE, Coex , Aluminum or PET bottles with induction capsealing and with an average capacity of 10 MT / 8 h shift .

*          One filling line for AE (Aerosols) having an average capacity of

5000 cans/8 h shift.



–           Solid formulations are manufactured by the sorption of

An active ingredient:

1)         Onto a finely – ground solid inert (such as talc, synthetic silica … for WP, DP and SP), which then is micronized by an air jet mill to reach a fineness of < 5m / particle.

2)         Or, onto wax, grain, or cellulose (for RB, BB and DT).

–           Three formulation units :

*          One for WP and SP with a capacity of 30 MT / 8 h shift

*          One for DP with a capacity of 15 MT / 8h shift .

*          One for FT ( soluble Fertilizers) with a capacity of 20 MT/ 8 h shift .

Customized repacking covers the following formulations:

  • One automated line for powders ranging from 50 grs to 5 kgs packed into HDPE, coex or Aluminum bags, sealed inside printed carton boxes.
  • Three lines for packing 25 to 50 kgs in printed heavy duty sealed PE bags or in laminated woven polypropylene bags.
  • One line for packing impregnated mosquito tablets.