Quality of the formulation is generally overlooked, however, it is the most important part in producing highly effective and profitable pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.

Active ingredients are formulated in a manner that:

  • Increase pesticide effectiveness in the field
  • Improve safety features
  • Enhance handling quality

We produce various forms of:

Agriculture products:   

  • Insecticides
  • Fungicides
  • Herbicides
  • Soluble, foliar and organic fertilizers

Public Health products:

  • Public Health insecticides

Types of formulations produced by Adonis: (ONLY LISTING)


  • EC       (Emulsifiable concentrate)
  • SC       (Soluble concentrate)
  • SL       (Soluble liquid)
  • OL       (Oil miscible liquid)
  • ULV    (Ultra – low volume concentrate)
  • TC       (Termiticide concentrate)
  • HN      (Hot fogging concentrate)
  • KN      (Cold  fogging concentrate)
  • AE       (Aerosols)


  • WP      (Wettable powder)
  • DP       (Dust powder)
  • SP        (Soluble powder)
  • FT        (Soluble fertilizers)
  • GB       (Granular bait)
  • BB       (Block bait)
  • DT       (Tablets for direct application)