SIAD sal is a Lebanese agrochemical formulation plant, founded in 1972.
SIAD sal is a member of Unifert Group and active in Europe and MENA region.

The factory is located in Hosrayel, an industrial zone, 50 km North of Beirut.
It is built on 17.000 square meters plot of land, including 5000 square meters as built area.

It includes three main divisions:

  • Agrochemicals formulation and re-packing
  • Public Health and fumigation product in cooperation with Bayer and Detia Degesch
  • Pest Control Operations (PCO)

SIAD’s quality, health, safety and environment management system are integrated into one management system which started in 1999 fulfilling the requirements of standard ISO 9001 – 2015, ISO 14001 – 2015 and ISO 45001 – 2018.
By the integration of green energy to its production power needs, SIAD is fulfilling commitment to its established targets by reducing its fossil energy consumption to improve care of natural resources.

SIAD holds agreements with major European producers, for formulation and repacking of their branded products under license. Actually, SIAD is a toll manufacturer for multinational companies.

Moving with a lustrous records of providing quality products to its customers and keeping in view the hazardous effects of chemicals pesticides, the company’s management is now shifting its focus towards Bio-pesticides and botanical products, an adventurous journey towards exploring potentials of Biotechnology in the field of organic agriculture and Public Health.