Marvel 2-3-15 + 0.1 FE (chelate)

Composition 2% N + 3% P2O5 + 15% K2O + 0.1 FE
Packing 250 mL
Product Characteristics It decreases dropping off Buds, Flowers & Small fruits. It increases number of Flowers in Plants , Fruit Set, Quality of Fruits and Yield Increase. It assists Plant Growth under Stress conditions such as Temperature & Humidity Variations.
Mode Of Application and Use Rates Foliar Spray: 20 cc /20 Lt H2O
Type of Crop Use Vegetables, Strawberry, Citrus, Fruit Trees, Apples & Pears
Remarks Advisable to spray at beginning of flowering stage until starting of fruit set. It could be spray twice within 15-20 days.

Biofert 2-3-15 + 0.1 FE(chelate)

Composition 2%N+3%P2O5+15%K2O+ 0.1FE
Packing 1 LT
Product Characteristics A special Liquid Foliar Fertilizer with essential Nutritive Elements that Helps the plant to grow under  Stress Conditions (Pests,environment,diseases…).It Increases the Number of Flowers & Fruit Set per Plant  and limitize the fallen down of Flowers and small Fruits. Helps the plant to absorb nutritive elements properly  with increase in size,weight ,better quality and crop yield. 
Mode Of Application and Use Rates Foliar Spray: 1 LT / H
Type of Crop Use Colza;Pistachio;Fruit Trees; Grapes ;Citrus and Vegetables
Remarks Advisable to spray at beginning of Flowering Stage at Early Morning or Late afternoon.

Unigold 5-5-14+0.1 FE (Chelate)

Composition 5% N + 5% P2O5 + 14% K2O + 0.1 FE
Packing 1 LT-0.5 LT-0.25 LT
Product Characteristics It lowers Dropping Off Buds, flowers and small fruits of Plants,Thus increases the number of Flowers. It increase number of Fruit Set which will increase Crop Yield.Moreover;it increase Fruit weight with Early maturity crops. It Stimulates Plant Growth under Stress Condition such as Temperature & Humidity  Variations. 
Mode Of Application and Use Rates

Foliar Spray:

  1. 150-250 ml / Feddan 
  2. 250 cc / 200 Lt H2O
  3.  250 cc /H
Type of Crop Use
  1. Vegetables, Strawberry, Beans & Peas
  2. Apples, Plums, Apricot, Mango, Citrus
  3.  Fava Beans
  1. Advisable to spray at Beginning of Flowering Stage until Fruit Set
  2.  Advisable to spray at beginning of Flowering Stage until Fruit Set
  3. Spray starting of Flowering Stage

Unigold Opti 6-6-10+0.5FE(chelate)

Composition 6% N +6% P2O5+10% K2O+0.05 FE
Packing 1LT-5 LT
Product Characteristics It is a New Advanced balanced Formula  of foliar Fertilizer which initiates,revitalize Vegetative Growth of Stunted Plants &distinguished in increasing number of Flowers & Fruits in plants with limitization of plant Flowers to Fall down. It also Improves Plant resistance & Promotes Healthy plants under adverse climatic conditions such as Temperature & Humidity Variations.It is compatible with commonly used insecticides &Pesticides and can be incorporated into Pest Management Program
Mode Of Application and Use Rates

Foliar Spray:

  1. 500 mL / 100 H2O to a maximum 4 LT / H
  2. 500 ml /100 L H2O to a maximum 3 L / H 
  3. 500 mL/100 L H2O to a Maximum 3 L/H
Type of Crop Use
  1. Tomatoes, Capsicums Beans & Peas (Forage Crops) / Cucurbits (Pumkins, Water Melos, Melons  & Cucumbers) / Onions
  2.  Apples, Pears ,Plums  and Apricots.
  3. Colza
  1. Begin applications prior to Fruit Set & repeat at 7-14 Days Interval. / Apply at Flowering Stage & repeat with 14 Days interval / Apply at Flag Fall & repeat every 7-14 Days 
  2. Apply 3-4 applications from 50% Flowering & repeat  with 14 Days Interval. 
  3. Apply at beginning of  Flowering Stage

Triofert IRON / LibFer


FE 6 % 

  Ortho-Ortho Chelate : 3.5%
Packing 1 Kg
Product Characteristics Is a Chelated Iron soluble Fertilizer that Controls Iron defficiency for all crops which grow in soil Texture with PH( 4-10) .
Mode Of Application and Use Rates It is apply by Drip Irrigation or in mixing with soil at depth 10-15 cm then irrigate the soil afterwards. Application rate (Gram/Plant) for Fruit Trees: 10-60 g/plant at initial production and 15- 100 gr/plant at Full production of plants. Vegetables; Strawberry & Melon: 100-150 gr / 100 m2 Field Crops : 2-4 Kg / H
Type of Crop Use Citrus
  Table Grapes
  Field Crops

Triofert ZN

Composition ZN ; 14 % -Chelated Agent : EDTA
Packing 1 LT
Product Characteristics Is a Chelated Liquid Fertilizer that contains Zinc which is easily absorb by Plants through Foliar Spray and Fertigation & interacts inside Plant System to provide the Necessary ZN Defficiency for balancing of Plant Growth.
Mode Of Application and Use Rates Foliar Application:  
  100- 150 CC / 100 Lt H2O
  Fertigation : 
  Fruit Trees : 3-7 LT / H
  Vegeatbles & Field Crops:3-5 LT/H
Type of Crop Use All Types of Fruit Trees;Field Crops; Vegetables and Ornamentals.