Composition 2%N+3%P2O5+15%K2O+ 0.1Fe
Packing 1 LT
Product Characteristics A special Liquid Foliar Fertilizer with essential Nutritive Elements that Helps the plant to grow under  Stress Conditions (Pests,environment,diseases…).It Increases the Number of Flowers & Fruit Set per Plant  and limitize the fallen down of Flowers and small Fruits. Helps the plant to absorb nutritive elements properly  with increase in size,weight ,better quality and crop yield. 
Mode Of Application and Use Rates Foliar Spray: 1 LT / H
Type of Crop Use Colza;Pistachio;Fruit Trees; Grapes ;Citrus and Vegetables
Remarks Advisable to spray at beginning of Flowering Stage at Early Morning or Late afternoon.