Triofert IRON / LibFer


Fe 6 % – Fe EDDHSA

  Ortho-Ortho Chelate : 3.5%
Packing 1 Kg
Product Characteristics Is a Chelated Iron soluble Fertilizer that Controls Iron defficiency for all crops which grow in soil Texture with pH( 4-10) .
Mode Of Application and Use Rates It is applied by Drip Irrigation or in mixing with soil at depth 10-15 cm then irrigate the soil afterwards. Application rate (Gram/Plant) for Fruit Trees: 10-60 g/plant at initial production and 15- 100 gr/plant at Full production of plants. Vegetables; Strawberry & Melon: 100-150 gr / 100 m2 Field Crops : 2-4 Kg / H
Type of Crop Use Citrus, Peaches, Apples, Pears, Avocado, Table Grapes, Vegetables, Strawberry, Melon, Field Crops