Unigold Opti 6-6-10+0.5FE(chelate)

Composition 6% N +6% P2O5+10% K2O+0.05 FE
Packing 1LT-5 LT
Product Characteristics It is a New Advanced balanced Formula  of foliar Fertilizer which initiates,revitalize Vegetative Growth of Stunted Plants &distinguished in increasing number of Flowers & Fruits in plants with limitization of plant Flowers to Fall down. It also Improves Plant resistance & Promotes Healthy plants under adverse climatic conditions such as Temperature & Humidity Variations.It is compatible with commonly used insecticides &Pesticides and can be incorporated into Pest Management Program
Mode Of Application and Use Rates

Foliar Spray:

  1. 500 mL / 100 H2O to a maximum 4 LT / H
  2. 500 ml /100 L H2O to a maximum 3 L / H 
  3. 500 mL/100 L H2O to a Maximum 3 L/H
Type of Crop Use
  1. Tomatoes, Capsicums Beans & Peas (Forage Crops) / Cucurbits (Pumkins, Water Melos, Melons  & Cucumbers) / Onions
  2.  Apples, Pears ,Plums  and Apricots.
  3. Colza
  1. Begin applications prior to Fruit Set & repeat at 7-14 Days Interval. / Apply at Flowering Stage & repeat with 14 Days interval / Apply at Flag Fall & repeat every 7-14 Days 
  2. Apply 3-4 applications from 50% Flowering & repeat  with 14 Days Interval. 
  3. Apply at beginning of  Flowering Stage